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I Write Because Paper Listens

I write because the paper listens

And I'm inspired when the stars glisten

Sometimes it seems I've been passed up because somethings missing

And I'm so far beyond irreconcilable differences

It Seems like I've been given this mission

Praying and wishing

That one day I'll be the center of attention

The apple of everyones eye

The rose that grow from the concrete

That smooth relaxing path of street

That you just cant wait until it meets your feet

I want to be that thirst that moves you

The Saturday night beat that grooves you

That gentle hand that sooths you

It's not just about what I do to you

I want to be you

At three o'clock in the morning come see you

Give you my scriptures then bleed you

Show you, not just tell you that I need you

See I write because the paper listens

So when the words beat like a motor pistons

And you read these phases that I've given

You know I'm somewhere kissing

paper to pen

perhaps adding this in

Just to make it relate

I'm in a place where bliss cant go missin

White pages like forever fields

If nothing else this can't end

I've made lovers of these inanimate objects and made them speak like a true friend

And if you don't understand then there is no way you could be in the place that I'm in

I write because the paper listen

And it wont ridicule me for these thoughts in the distances

If enlightenment is a sentence Then life is what I been given

And I wouldn't pass on it either

Nor require my muse to award me a breather

I want to pass through the other side of the tunnel

And so I write leaving this paper trail

To get me back through

If not for me then for you

Only after you learn that


by Daryl Hennix

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Because paper listens we write, if it didn't surely I'd be at a loss. Tank you, iveri
...and thank God that it does listen! ...well written