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..I Write You A Piece..

i wanted to extend

my mammoth apropos

as i read

your hundreds of poems


it touches the audience

it raptures

an incredible virtual images

inculcated an admirable quality

virtues are what it exhibits

you sculpted panic in their emotion


as it standstill

nobody can beat you

from east to the west

the intersecting of the words

makes one wonder

how genius you are

every fragment

is a masterpiece

when it comes

to invention it is the latest

yeah! everyone can attest

what else can i append?

its not known to you

i've plagiarized your works

somehow, but i inscript

your name on it

the working idea

who is suffered and permitted

to hang out with this

entirety of the circumstances

the brevity of the sequel

i yearn to connect...

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Rudyard Kipling


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