JCV (18 may 1990 / Aba, Abia stae)

I Wrote Another Poem

I wrote another poem for you today just
To tell you how I missed you before the moon.
I touched the head of poetry today,
To proclaim my love to your humble soul.
The sun was my witness when I was scribbing
Those edible words just to express my love for you.

I wrote another love poem today just to cry,
Another weekend gone and you aren't here with me.
The air announced the departure of your heart at home; for I wasn't with the sorcerers of Rome.
The bone of the earth can testify my promising hope,
I wrote you another flash of the morning dew.

I wrote you another poem just to laugh again,
Those lines we wrote when we were younger
I re-created again in my heart to perfect your soul.
If there is any dream I have to see or have is you,
If there is anything I need to hold, it should be your smile in the poem I wrote on the whitish white paper.

I wrote you another poem just to tell the whole world about an immortal angel that lives in me.
Many have seen your face in those words, and others
Have been changed through the laughter it created.
The flattering of the sun can become a basket of lies,
The sliding of the earth is my hope of survival.
Tell it to my heart that you care and I will love again.

I wrote you yet another poem just to penetrate into
Your immovable soul that want a flavoured love.
I have the ingredient of love within my man,
Come, let's make a delicious meal with those stuffs.
With you every day is like paradise and heavens.
Come live here, Achaliugo nwa; my heart longs for you.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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