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A Man Of Character

In the mind of a man
Beset the character of one

O do not wander around
Or will be caught up in a wound

As to set one's mind on things above
Is as to die daily for God above

O do not be quick to be sure
As being rush to the shore

To what one's heart maintain
Is what one's mind contain

If daily we kneel to be cleanse
From all things what God take offense

We'll surely be forgiven
Through His Son whom He hath given

For a ransom to bring us forth as new
To the cross His blood was shed for me and you

Such character was made as shown
Obeying to the point of death - not his own

Tho he knelt three times before His Father
'May this cup be taken from me, but as you will, Father? '

Characters made accord to our creator
Are characters that will glorifies our only mediator

Such glory as that as the sun shine forth
So as we will share in that glory and so forth

Such man that carries out wisdom
Not of this world, though, it is from

But whence our help comes from
Such characters are made through wisdom

So, in the mind of a man
Beset the character of one

A mind that settles not for anything less
But will do what for the knowledge of truth - nevertheless

Such knowledge that occurs not in science
Such mind that settles not in an achievements

Though such characters are highly achieve and costly
Wherein the process parallels with time and people mostly

As gold is being furnace through the fire
As a farmer awaits for his seedlings to grow for a harvest and not tire

Is what a man of character takes to be
May His grace abounds as He wills - we shall be.

January 14,2011

by Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa

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A smiling contempt! Thanks for sharing.