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Icarus Revisited

Drifting downward

falling in slow circles


How the stars are spinning

Here I am gazing up to the

brightest point in the heavens

the star that wondrous

light the I could only hope for

Remembering back

plodding along in my uselessness

resting one night

my eyes drifting skyward

they happen to fall on an object

so beautiful, incredible

almost angelic

with such a spirit

from then on lost I was

finding a way to get there

to meet

to join

laboring for many months

sacrificing my hope and sanity

to build something

to carry me there

The time seemed right

I made the Leap

there I was

so energetic, so hopeful

the wind rushing me on

cheering and encouraging

getting closer

the star is so near

it all seems right

There for one brief moment

we meet

I whisper my words of love

all so perfect

except for one thing I forgot

The star with all its beauty and wonder

has a fire to it

Our one meeting

burned so much

pain beyond feeling

flooded though me

casting me downward

and so here I am

falling, slowly

circling earthward

wondering how long I have

till I hit bottom.

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