Loving Because I'm Meant To

Can you make me love when
I dream dreams I'm not meant to
I see things I'm not expected to
I write poems I'm not supposed to
I sometimes read things I'm not meant to
I say things I'm not sure of
Do things I don't lie about
They try to speed up my clock when it's not supposed to
But I hold on to my time because I'm meant to
I smile at them because I'm led to
Read the skies, I'm sure to
Knowing what is meant to and what is not is my destiny to achieve
They made me to hate
But I fell in love because I was supposed to
And fell yet again
...That, I was meant to do
Although my lover takes me a friend alone
I take her a lover and a friend both
All because I choose to fall asleep with a dream I always will dream
A poem I always will write
A feeling that cannot elude me
Love lives, never dies
Not in hearts of those who keep it warm
Like a bird with a broken wing it might seem to
Seem to when heartbreak spares you no breath
But to you I put this to length
The only way to live a complete life is by loving
Loving when it's not meant to
It waters the tendons of the body
Lubricates the canals of the heart
I love when I'm not meant to
I love because I'm meant to

by Obiaeli Ifediirichukwu Victor

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