Even the most insuperably Omnipotent of Sun had to intransigently burn itself first; before imparting boundless galleries of optimistically mitigating and enchanting daylight,

Even the most unbelievably voluptuous waves had to clash against the cold-blooded rocks first; before diffusing into an exhilarating odyssey of timelessly poignant froth,

Even the most iridescently emollient stars had to float in obscurely disdainful clouds and blackness first; before entrancing the entire Universe with an endless stream of spell bindingly cavorting twinkle,

Even the most indomitably towering mountains had to face the indiscriminate whiplash of gratuitously inexorable storm; rain and traitors first; before compassionately sequestering countless helpless in their invincible belly,

Even the most harmoniously synergistic of bees had to get unsparingly mobbed in their hives first; before exuding into the most bountifully fructifying of majestically golden honey,

Even the most prolifically talented writers had to cry a billion tears of eccentric frustration first; before evolving a whole new civilization of astoundingly blessed freshness; through each of their effusively ebullient words,

Even the most mystically serene forests had to bear the brutally agonizing roar of the untamed lion first; before wonderfully metamorphosing into a paradise of celestially impregnable sleep,

Even the most impeccably sacrosanct milk had to obnoxiously molest and pulverize itself first; before transforming into cisterns of unsurpassably heavenly and incredulously frolicking curd,

Even the most opulently diamond studded candle had to ludicrously melt itself first; before culminating into a beam of priceless hope; in the forlornly cadaverous and starless night,

Even the most unequivocally scintillating of mirror had to shatter itself into an infinite fragments of nothingness first; before it could reflect the most unbiasedly truthful and unconquerable image of eternal righteousness,

Even the most holistically ever-pervading goddess had to peerlessly cross the austerely blazing fires first; before proving to her husband that she was an
unparalleled apostle of unshakable faithfulness and humanity,
Even the most beautifully burgeoning soil had to disastrously puncture itself with seeds first; before miraculously sprouting into the royally untainted fruits of unflinchingly mesmerizing humanity,

Even the most melodiously resting mind had to uncontrollably fantasize first; before incredulously mollifying each of its restlessly howling dormitories with inevitably gratifying siesta,

Even the most compassionately inhaling sheep had to mercilessly shave their skins first; before ubiquitously imparting entities of every fraternity; with unconquerably convivial warmth,

Even the most stupendously fragrant roses had to face the onslaught of a limitless vituperative insects on their petals first; before perpetuating an unprecedented gorge of egalitarian scent; in the hearts of one and all organism; sacredly alike,

Even the most articulately ingratiating magician had to drown himself into a spell of tirelessly flawless concentration first; before spawning a hall of brilliantly
unfettered magic,

Even the most irrefutably spotless conscience had to transcend over a trillion treacherously derogatory lies first; before timelessly proliferating into an unceasing cosmos of Omnipresently bestowing justice,

Even the most pricelessly inimitable of inventions had to lick lugubriously meaningless dirt and shit first; before handsomely enlightening the entire planet with
light of regally dazzling newness,

And even the most immortal of love and life had to embrace a fathomless deaths in the coffins of indiscriminately excoriating hell first; before blossoming into an insuperably ever-pervading atmosphere of prosperity; divinity and endlessly
symbiotic paradise.

by Nikhil Parekh

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I love this poem so much. It reminds me of me and my boyfriend. Our love for each other is so mad, crazy, we r happy together, but also hurting. But apart we are hurting even more. He always says to me Brianna, you are like fire, and i'm like ice, we are mad crazy in love, but are the opposite of each other.
Thanks for the lovely poem shared.
Very nice poem I like it
Nice poem I like it
A lover and his muse are akin to fire and ice giving a new meaning to a hide and seek relationship. Following lines sum up all: That fire, which all things melts, should harden ice, And ice, which is congeal'd with senseless cold, Should kindle fire by wonderful device?
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