Ice Cream Dream

Once I had a dream,
I was having a huge ice cream.
And with all my might,
I took a big bite.
My head got stuck in the ice cream,
And I started to scream.

Inside I saw a beautiful Swiss cow,
Seeing it I stopped screaming and said WOW!
I saw red and orange patches on the cow's skin,
And saw a golden buldge on her chin.

Something again pulled me inside,
I quickly ran and found a place to hide.
I peeped out and saw the huge thing wasn't bad,
It was just a big boulder which was lonely and sad.

I was too frightenend to know what would happen now,
When I heard a loud mooooo of the Swiss cow.
That is what woke me up from my dream,
I looked all around there was no ice cream.

by Tanveer Sehgal

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this poem is not intrest, make it more intrests