Ice-Cream Truck Ballad

I heard an old familiar sound
Just on the other day,
Which started me to thinking
In a nostalgic way.

Ringing through the neighborhood
Was the delightful tune.
I found me patting both my feet.
It made me want to croon.

Such sound, so gentle and so sweet,
And so very mild,
Took me back to the days
When I was just a child.

With favorite treats less than a buck,
‘Twas the sound of the ice cream truck.

The ice cream truck.
The ice cream truck
Everybody loves
The ice cream truck.
A sound that never runs amok—
The sound of the ice cream truck.
(9/2016 revised to correct a ditto.)

by Walterrean Salley

Comments (2)

Bri, thanks for thoughtfully calling my attention to this oversight. Always trying to clean up those I am aware of. Please, do show me more, and I'll address them asap.
It made me want me want to croon. oops! love the poem; love ice cream. show me another! bri ;)