It is as if a mother
who gives birth
at night, upon an iceberg
and then drowns.

And then expects the newborn
to survive,
which all depends on
whether ice can nourish
human life.

And so it is with some of us
who love,
who want to own the object -
for their pleasure.

Who do not show a hand
but wear a glove,
and never ever will they
truly know:
One first must learn
what's written in the sand.

Say YES to love,
that's how you make it grow.

Those words are written in the sand forever

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

Actually, I threw my lie detector off the cliff some time ago.That was when my love detector unceremoniously alerted me.... And I am certain I won't have to jump after it.Your comments are very kind and infrastructures aren't wasted on you. Thanks.
True word's herbert, so true better to be like you say but, i always take my trusty lie detector with me now just for a bit of insurence, that is just me A thoughtful poem warm regard's allan