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Icy Blue Eyes

(This is a poem based on WWII.)

We stood on the docks before our lake,
and watched the reeds and other things,
sway in the wind.
The same wind brushed our cheeks and temples,
and I felt your fingers tighten through, and around mine.

The sun was dull in it's light and warmth,
but it's lack of position seemed to match the day's attitude.
You sensed this among my thoughts and I,
and turning me, you whispered in my ear
while the calls of birds and other things,
whispered around your confirmations of your return.

My shoes clicked across the pavement
as we made our way to the train station.
How many couples, like us, were here,
clenching hands, and memories? I thought.
Too many matching caps and uniforms stood around us,
but your smile was what standed out the most,
despite the worries and the war.

With a swift kiss, that seemed too short,
You said goodbye to me, and I said goodbye to my favorite bliss
and you were climbing the steps to board the train,
that would take you away from me.

You turned to me, and winked one of your icy blue eyes,
and flashed me a smile that I can still remember,
even after all of these years.

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Alyssa I enjoyed reading yo poem, keep writing