TG (March 18,1963 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Idea Of God

The notion is beyond
intellect -
it’s hard to grasp edge of infinity;
we want one more step
and one last over-the-shoulder
but have we created something so uncomprehendable
that even
fail to conceptualize it?
Does paradox proves existence?

The prime mover who is unmovable & formless initiates
& form - makes them palpable -
like a kind of street poet spray-painting lyrics on walls
and highway overpasses
for all
to read and
for all
to ponder how those words appeared.

The idea of God is a mega black hole & likewise a beta fish
in which light & space respectively trap & manifest
speed and transmission
of stars that radiate
in the sky but
extinguished over a million years ago
time even started.

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Tim, you had me captivated with this one. I like the flow of it, the twisting and turning of ideas without falling into the usual traps with this subject. A couple of nits aside (prove in last line of first stanza; should be 'incomprehensible' in line 7) you really have a good one here. Reading on, Lori