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DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Idea Poemized

soft click click as the rain
goes pitter patter on my roof this does not make my life wain
this causes me no pain
its not being in an empty house all alone that causes hurt
its not having your face pressed deep in the mud or dirt
thats not what hurts. not even when i cry
cry....unafraid of what 'they' think i just cry not like cry
like im gonna die
just a little tear
right here
not afraid to cry
i will let my feelings out! unafraid, , , ,
i can pretend I'm ok when im not and it eats away
at me killling me all day
yet that still is not too much for me
what burns me to a crispy stench is having to watch you walk
not even giving me time to talk
just walking away leaving me all alone another day
thats what hurts me and tortures my soul
losing you everywhere i go no one to extoll me
to tell me you can do it! i see my old friends and memories
they remind me of you and watching you walk holding the keys
to my life to my happiness i do regret some choices ive made
but i must keep going
always knowing
if i just had that one chance
to do it all again to have one more dance
one more night i would give everything up! just for that
just for another chance to say something different in that fateful chat....
Maybe you dont understand most dont... but maybe you see
that i'm giving you these words nay my heart! im giving you me

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