She cant surrender, for she is already caught
in a web of what i've told.
like a fly in love with the spider.
she rests her head within my hands,
and expects me not to cry.
though thoughts of bitter happiness
have killed me a million times.
and if she was to die tonight,
would she look at me as a curse.
an answer not even a prayer could protect,
or a man could give.
so i look at her with empty eyes,
and lie to her again.
because id rather watch her fall apart
then put my life to an end.

by Kristinahh KIMBER

Comments (2)

again a worthful message giving verse.....really nyc.....enjoying ourselves is the best way to relish life......even the minutest things count....well done! !
'I enjoy the little flowers bloom, as well as the rattle of the broom'... good lines...meaningful poetic...you give a good message in your poem, Ragesh...10