Ideal Life

Poem By ragesh damodaran

In times of joy, I laugh aloud,
and play the merry fool,
for life is a jolly journey,
which I enjoy with glee.

The tiny joys in life,
are ignored, but not by me,
I enjoy the little flowers bloom,
as well as the rattle of the broom.

My days under the sun, I know,
are few as such but still,
till my days are done, I will,
enjoy my life with thrill.

In this way I realise solace,
A self within a self,
In this way I live my life,
Which is the ideal way.

Comments about Ideal Life

again a worthful message giving verse.....really nyc.....enjoying ourselves is the best way to relish life......even the minutest things count....well done! !
'I enjoy the little flowers bloom, as well as the rattle of the broom'... good lines...meaningful give a good message in your poem, Ragesh...10

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4,8 out of 5
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