Ideas With No Coins

On my back I laid,
At the roof I gazed;
Am in a lonely race,
For in this state I hate;

I have in chest, ideas;
Dreams are not so scarce;
Power to do is not at hand;
Though Passion burn at heart;

Eagerly I await,
My ideas to propagate;
Though incapacitate,
Yet I will perpetuate;

Not Long I have another
The Wind from the Yonder
Whispering it to my inner
An idea that can't falter

I have them in abundance
Ideas that make ordinance
But sadly there are no coins
A defect in performance

You don't know how it feels
To have ideas not fulfilled
Because of purse not filled
It is a heat that can't be feel

by Seun Matt

Comments (1)

Beautiful rendition of words embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. An insightful piece nicely brought forth. Thanks for sharing Seun.