I Think I'M In Love With You

I think it's happening to me
I can't feel myself
I can't even breathe
My head is mixed up
I can’t think about anything but you.

I know love makes life confusing, but
Without love who would want live?
Love is when you don't want to go to sleep
Because Reality is better than a Dream
And when is a Dream, no one wish to wake up.

True love is like a ghost
Everyone talks about, but few have seen
I want to count myself among those who have seen
Cause now I've found my True Love
You are my True adorable feelings and love.

They say that people fall in love once
But every time I see your mails or anything from you,
I fall in love with you all over again
I feel something in my heart, just like a little flame
Every time I think about you that flames lights up

The more I live, the more I know
Meeting was a fate
You showed me how it is to be loved
One day we will be together I believe, and
I can't wait to hold you in my arms

by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

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The most magnificent line ever! - - - - - - - - draws his dreams through the eye of the moon.
Everyday trivia and dreams are the same pound of flesh. Aren't they?