(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Identity Issues

It continues to be,
An internal struggle for many.
To escape away,
From their complex identity issues.
Since a wish wanting to be equal meant,
Hoping to have diminished and released...
From appearances to create,
Feelings generating insecurities.
Of being compared to others who teased.
Unconsciously unaware of what God sees.
God, The Artist, of all identities.

And many have begun,
To examine what it is...
They wish to have had done.
To redo this 'canvas'.
On which they've been blessed,
Unlike the rest to protest their blessing.
With this to identify 'within'.
And without doubt to question God.
Who it is they are to wish,
An equality to get.
But what is it that will make the difference?
Approval and acceptance?
Who greater than God,
Can provide all of this?
To make it okay to be who we are.
Knowing it to make it clearer than it is!

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