Identity - The Bully

Poem By Jon Evans

They all try to look the same
all try to give themselves a name
pick on the boy who is all alone
just because his identity is his own
what has this world come to?
all this wrong that people do
just for the image they want to show
down the evil path they seem to go

The next person you go to hurt
or try to make feel like dirt
instead of trying to look cool
feel for the guy you make look a fool

A cool identity isn't a need
let those you bully be freed
Your identity should be your own
A better person you will be known.

Comments about Identity - The Bully

this poem gives the people being bullied to step up and give the bully a piece of there gives them courage and power to stop the nonsense there going through
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This poem is amazing. I was a victim of bullying but I survived. I now go to a different school and have a happy life. But the bullies still haunt me, especially in my sleep. I wish the bullies could see this wonderful poem; It would teach them a valuble lesson. Thank you for sharing this poem :)
This poem is a great life lesson for not let others control you into becoming 'one of them.' Be an individual, be yourself! And live for Your beliefs, not what everyone else wants you to be.
wow.this is an amazing poetry.really reflects on real life.its great.keep on writing! ! this is a masterpiece

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