Idiolatry's Mirror

Banefully, eyes seek an imagine,
in the mirror across the room;
shamefully a pose toed, mind tweaks,
and innocence is entombed;
loathsomely, lips so pout,
hands on hips, position re-assumed;
tauntingly, a voice is heard,
humility's lost, and is consumed!

Hathor's origin, where udder prized,
mother's waters swaped;
harpies smoke, gasps folk,
suphurous odor, vexes wheezing japes;
horror's flash, glamour rash,
stage tough, yet such sour grapes;
harper's fem luxuriate in,
man's state, is less than lower apes!

Sybaritic mindedness, present norm,
oath sworn to live sybotic;
syllabub bliss, crisis syngenesis,
mirrors curse, a life robotic;
supinating, boorish, suillines,
swinish minds crave cathartics;
stiver lest, no jest,
Lucifer cachinnates, erreminise despotic!

Ravished rubric resonates,
repute, Ids rationalism ruled retalgia;
raffish thinking dampish queens,
man's ambit, lost nostalgia;
ragmatical, recipocornous recreants,
they bid men paraplegia;
risible triviality, beauty bent,
woman scorned, gives mind otalgia!

Mirrored image, reflects perfections,
one's mind does wish to view;
mindset, breeds society wide asynergia,
the gender's stand, askew;
muddled maenads, too sorely curst,
social reality, rings out of tune;
morality, challenged its fact,
caste epicene, or just misconstrued?

by Michael Walkerjohn

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