Idiom Or Idiotic Funny Words

In the butterfly
Where's the butter in the fly?
And in the better-half
Is there any better half?

In the firefly
Where's the fire in the fly?
And in the caterpillar
Where to cater the pillar?

In the horsefly,
Where's the horse to fly?
And in the saucepan
Where's sauce in the pan?

In the angelfish
Where's angel in the fish?
And in the goldfish
Is there any gold in the fish?

In the catfish
Where's cat in the fish?
And in the sweetheart,
Is there any sweet in the heart?

In the lime fruit,
Where's lime in the fruit?
And in the jackfruit,
How to jack the fruit?

In the strawberry,
Where's straw in the berry?
And in the gooseberry
Is there any goose in the berry?

In the sandwich,
Where's the sand?
And in the hotdog,
Is there any dog?

In the crowbar
Where's crow in the bar?
And in the bookworm
Is there any book in the worm?

In the paper foolscap
Where's the fool or his cap?
And in the crabgrass
Is there any crab in the grass?

In the cocktail,
Or cockroach,
Or cockpit,
Is there any cock or tail?

In the pineapple
Where's the pine or apple?
And in the chickenpox
Is there any chicken?

In the honeymoon
Is there any honey or moon?
And in the mango
Where should the man go?

In the henpecked
Where's the hen pecked?
Such words how many
Appear to be funny?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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