(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


When words are no longer,
Heard for their meaning.
Or content connected,
That establishes comprehension.
Useful to interpret,
An agreed upon clarity.
The purpose for using,
Those specific words...
That should be heard,
With them understood...
To comprehend and understand,
Leaves certainty abandoned.
And mentalities freed,
Of any detectable sanity.

Is any reason to explain,
Hypocrisy shown to exist.
Disrespect and it known,
To be as is to permit.
Bigotry, racism and hatred,
And the affect this has...
On all relationships.
With few conscious left,
In 'wonderment'...
Why truth and the reality of it
Has today been replaced,
By deception to accept.

Without further adieu,
Proud am I...
To introduce to all of you,
A concept discovered,
To be a more effective way...
Our message will be relayed.
Quicker. Efficient.
And powerful upon delivery.'

How 'exactly'...
Will this event be ultimately,
Left best defined? -

'The proof is in the pudding.
And after testing,
That will be determined.
But first know this,
The results will be tremendous.
And all who witness,
I guarantee...
Will be left shocked.
And surprisingly overwhelmed.'

It's more powerful,
Than a locomotive? -


Than a speeding bullet? -

'Oh heavens, yes.'

How will humanity be left? -

Oh. Oh, yes. Humanity.
This is still...
In the concept stage.
And after testing...
If adjustments are needed,
We will make those adjustments
Our priority.'

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