Idiots In The Courtroom (Poem)

See the idiots in the courtroom all battling it out
Lawyers, prosecutors, judges, all engaged in a
Title bout

All college educated to know the law inside out
To convince a jury, - beyond a reasonable doupth

Our way of life they claim provides justice for us all
They are in it to win, right or wrong, to them it’s a free for all

Lawyers do it for the money, prosecutors for the fame
Judges look on, it’s all part of the game

Some devote their whole lives, - in study of the Constitution
Others believe the bible is the only solution

Any doctrine which proclaims to uphold rules to live by
Is all evil, for love is not learned, it is within us till we die

Our society requires rules for us to live by the game
To follow our heart, - is truly - the only way - our love can be


by Dave Tanguay

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Dave, you are quite the poet. And I fully agree with you on this one... Really a good write for us all to look at.... For what it really is Jim Troy