My heart in pieces,
I am confused and afraid..

Scared to love again..
& I'm sorry for hidin myself this way..

I kno things should be told,
But yet I find a way to put it away..

Too lost to even see,
That I'm losing myself..
Lost within my miserys,
& the unforgettable pains.

Buildin up a wall,
That should just be Torn Down!

I'm fightin my feelings,
Showing/ acting,
Like nothing ever happened,
When its eatin me up alive..
Take me..
Let me go..
Its too much..
I just wanna go..
Tired of living..
Lookin for a way out..
But nothin is found..
Let me out..
I wanna fade away...

by Dislocated Heart

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i really like this poem 10 maybe you'de like mine mssg me sometime or comment