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Idk What To Name This
MS (December 14,1989 / Bloomington Indiana)

Idk What To Name This

I hear it
it moves in ever so closer to my heart
i know it
my name is written within its chapters
i try to avoid it
it clings to me like fine dust
i find it disturbing
yet because who i am i cannot give it rest
i say things to him
it cannot hear me
i try to picture a world where it isnt
but it seems the pages would be blank.
i think i am insane
it seems i might be correct
i am bombarded with visions of truth
for some reason i am still lost
i want to end this
it would be ill fated
i dont know what to do
my mind is downward spiraling into oblivion...

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this is another great poem, bt who is the 'him' u r talking to?