Idol Dances

Worshipful idol dance
Unique in temple festivals
The most difficult steps
But beliefs and fasts
Makes the dancing capable.

The beautifully decorated
Ornamental decoration
Floral decorations
Chains of golden rings
Emblems of moon symbols
An idol silver seat
Together with a seat cap
A head cap of cotton seat.

The dancer in reverence
In his deep meditation and systems
Prepared to take the idol
The Classical drum beats
The five instruments 'Panchavadya'
Great moments of joy in temple
The festival of belief.

The steady and slow steps
The body movements such care
The visions of believers
Listening and praying to idol
The cotton ball oiled lights
A great solemnity it gives.

The performing artists in temple dance
Mostly makes wonderful performances
Without visible body movements
Makes vibrations of idols they carry
A great performance of mystical art
Beliefs and customs, idol dances,
A great moment of joy and sanctity gives.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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