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If all i say, had once been said
-has such desire for a lover in the past been met...
If all i feel had once been felt,
what heavy blows that hopefull heart was dealt.
if all i hope for had already been hoped-
lemme know how to breathe through such love..
how does one cope?

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Nice work. I love it! And enjoy mine. Were You the Sea Were you the sea speaking eloquently in May, I would be the waves singing whatever you say. Were you the wind that loves to travel far away, I would be the sand wandering through wherever you stray. Were you the philosopher thinking in the sunshine, I would be the world you explore and try to find. Were you the poet who’s writing and drinking wine, I would be the imagination flying with your mind. - from GOD BLESS NOT ONLY AMERICA
I feel the same way at times.Lovely poem.
Another great poem, great write.
I agree with Heath, keep writing,10/10
i like it keep writing
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