If I was a bird,
I would fly up to the sky.
Bring down all the stars for you,
Just so you wouldn't cry.
If I was the Sun,
I would shine over you.
Every day of your life,
So you would never feel blue.
If love was water,
I would give you the sea.
Hoping maybe one day,
You just might return it to me.
If tears could build me a lifetime,
And memories a lane.
I would spend a lifetime,
Bringing you back into my life again.
If I was all the joy in your life,
And all the happiness I could be.
You would bring your love and heart,
Right back to me.
If you was a lion,
Lazing underneath the trees.
I would be there to cool you down,
If I were the gental breeze.
If you were a mirror,
I would see you looking back at me.
Show me all the magical things,
I would love to be.

by EMMA Funnell

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Comments (4)

I think this one is my favourite. x
A splendid read! Truly amazing the flow. You have captured this wonderfuly! Patricia Gale
wow.. really dear emma.. its so lovely and touchly one, , and wish that you be that bird which you wish and to fly wherever you want to got what you need.. good written.. yours hazem
wow emz this is just amazin. how come youve managed to come up with 16? thats double mine! lol saz xxx