Poem Hunter
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)


if anyone should dream
of writing my life story
let it be known the dash
between the past and the present
are years that carry streams of tears
and basket full of camellion feaces
into which I stepped and cannot efface

they were days I loved but was not loved
there were moments I prayed
but there was no god to hear me
always and all the time I cried aloud
there were no tears flowing to make a big sea
so my days came and went like a pencil of smoke
lost in the thin air

if you should care to write this story
just let it be known
there were times I walked down the road
like I had no legs
yet there was the need to get somewhere

there were occasions I run so fast as if I had no breathe
and do not forget
the road was slippery yet I had to stand the ground
at times I did made a fall but I had to stand straight with only a smile

if you care to know
there were times the load was just too heavy
the road just too long
but when my heart pangs I just gather my loins
and move on......

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