Poem By Munia Khan

This poem contains 8 lines per stanza.
1st stanza with (a, a, a, a, b, c, b, c) rhyming scheme and
2nd,3rd,4th stanza with (a, b, a, b, c, d, c, d,) rhyming scheme.
And the syllable counts 11,10,11,10,11,10,11,10 in every stanza}

(My version inspired by the poem If—By RUDYARD KIPLING)

If you can spend the best years of life giving,
you'll find reason and purpose for living
If you can mend your wrong steps without heaving,
your will may shake, yet kind of relieving.
If you can feel the sun taking off your coat
for the cold you shiver- loving approach!
If you can feel the strong wind sailing the boat,
leave the breeze misleading your journey's coach.

If you can save drops of honey to catch flies
rather than a gallon of gall somehow.
And being faithful to yourself telling no lies;
a safer life, at least, you can allow.
If you can imitate men's follies or pride;
is it yourself you are searching in them?
Or the doom you hate for the malice you hide
Is it making you a plant without stem?

If you can reach the moon to come back here soon;
and conquer outer space; not inner space.
Or being sad you can stay at home and croon
to surround loneliness with your pale face.
If the strength in your mind begins to fade down;
or you faint dead away when men deceive.
Risk yourself to be brave; not to be a clown.
Or being wise, keep everything you receive.

If your love's kept out of use for many years,
start using it now to fend for yourself.
If your heart is in doubt to chase away fears;
are you scared to count wealth without your pelf?
If you feed your dreams with every hungry scream,
you can carve your name on an ancient urn.
Or make your life a river, full to the brim
in which you won't sink but will swim and learn!

(Revised 7th April 2014)
Munia Khan ©2014

Comments about If

............if we can only do some of these things our life will be much better....enjoyed...

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