If my earthly time had more happiness than sorrow
Then I have seen more of today than that of tomorrow.
If my time had more laughter than those of tears
Then my journey measured not in moments but those of years.

If I knew not of love because of the loneliness of another
Then an earthly journey never to have taken without my Mother.
If I was blind to feelings to what was presented
Then my memory to be fleeting but never to be resented.

If I failed to acknowledge all the gifts given to me
Then my thankfullness for just one; will suffice you see.
If I had not one moment of reconcilation to everlasting thee
Then the present is for naught and the future not to include me.

If I never felt nor ever I have seen
Then I could have been anything but never a human being.
If in one fleeting moment in this majesty of earthly time
Then without speaking I knew you have always made me thine.

If you do this for me who has done so little in return
Then I am yours and you are mine; for an eternity never to yearn.

03-29-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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