If I could walk on water
If I could calm your sea
Perhaps you'd take a second chance
And trust your heart to me

If I could make your sun shine
If I could rise your moon
Perhaps you'd really look at me
And see you left too soon

If I could bring you wisdom
If I could mold your dreams
Perhaps you'd know just who I am
All is not as it seems

But then I'd have to wonder
Whose purpose was defined
Would you have made these choices
Had I not controlled your mind?

by Linda Ori

Comments (10)

Brilliant piece! Hugs, Dee
Bridging the differences, closing the gaps between lovers, old or new, but especially old is a problematic business. Maybe better to work with acceptance of them as the final stanza implies in this terrific piece of quality poetry. Fluid, rhythmic and plaintive. Excellent Linda. jim xxx
great flow great poem great ending I truly enjoyed it
Linda, this is very good, how much we want to influence but then again we want to feel it was the other persons aim, Yes, Very good and nicely written, Thank -you.
A really nice poem. simple words with great feelings. love the first para.. good work!
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