If A Prevention With Good Health Began

To those who oppose,
A national health care be imposed...
To insure the ones exposed without it now.
Are kept without it now!
With efforts they avow.

And the millions who are not covered,
With a suffering done to them...
Known and discovered.
Cures of truth are not fed to them.
When this should be available.
Free of debated questions,
With no end.
But common sense for them,
Has long been dropped as an option.

Too many support,
Insitutions that thrive on death.
Institutions wishing to keep fear and illnesses kept,
To market diseases.
And increase the greeding of wealth.

If a prevention with good health began...
As an intention,
These mammoth implementing producing plants,
Would have to close.
To blow those snots with upturned noses.

And those in the know do not want to take that chance.
Since Opportunities to feed on the weaknesses of people...
Is the only way to keep them and those golf balls on course!

'Fore! '

The well being publicly mention to supply expert opinion!
Nothing more to suspect.
But a whole lot less can be expected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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