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If A Thug Found Santa's Sleigh

Hey, Mr. Thug, what would you do if one day
Your car is switched with Santa's sleigh?
Would you give a grill to Santa's reindeer
So that they'll look tough and inspire fear?

Would you add to the mix good old nitro
So that you'll bring gifts in 4, and not 24?
Or would you add the latest Bose system,
If so, how will you deliver in secret then?

I bet you would stop for the pretty girls,
And then with comet do fancy 360 twirls.
And the sleigh you'll make into a low ride,
Then with one hand on control, lean, and glide.

Eventually all the toys will be switched for gin,
Your actions causing the loss of Christmas to begin,
By simple erasing the meaning of the sleigh
With time, you'll change the essence of the whole day.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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