If All Was Lost:

Poem By LiLiana Lee

If hope were to die
If remorse was to live
If love was not cherished
Would there still be hope;
We drive ourselves to the edge but humanity can only go so far,
Do you ever think, that maybe somethings just aren't worth it
Do you ever say things like
"Is there still time",
Well this is all I have to say
Look for the hidden - where you'll least expect it
Listen for wishes without promises when you hear my voice
Fly into the abyss with me as I find answers to the missing
And think as I say this that all we do really feel is:

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What if your grandmother whom passed away long ago, whom you admired and loved the dearest were to visit you in your dreams one night, in your hidden world, and say, 'Your Life is masquerade ball; the suitors sullied with deceit; you'll never find happiness in dark'
Would I cry or would you brush it off as abnormal dream? Solemly faliing back to sleep, Slowly my will to break free lessons, I'm falling will I be caught or will I always end up covered in dirt. My soul lost in the heart of time,
Still searching,
For something that'll seal away emptiness and

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