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If Angels Show Behind The Dropped Ball

What if angels show behind the dropped ball
And Christ appears; but not for all,
The trumpets sound and the elect are raised,
Would you be found giving God praise?

Would you be ready for this rapture;
Giving up death, for a heavenly stature
Or would you, in this time of celebration
Find yourself bound to eternal damnation?

The answer is most simple, even clear.
The choice the first, if you held Jesus near
If before you cross, you give - Jesus- the top place.
Then and only then, would you receive grace.

If not, sadly, at that time you are doomed to hell.
Now make Jesus your choice, even if this you can't spell;
I, you, me, we all through Adam, fell short
Now make the right choice and let Jesus in your heart. :)

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wonderful poem for Christ, very well written, lovely rhymes Be blessed 10/10 Mari
Great composition. Your rhyming didn't interfere with your message and thoughts.
awww, i love this! your faith is awesome! +10 as always :)
'What if Christ appears, but not for all'.., i put my emphasis on this meaningful line...that's the trajedy with most believers...religion they believe in...and not in God! good poetic exercise
its been a while since ive been on the site, and now im back... and this is just another incredible lesson and poem..leslie CAN you make a bad poem? ?
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