If Annoyed Beyond Reason

Imposing one's opinions and beliefs,
To enforce upon others without a giving of relief...
Does not leave those impressed,
By something done by another that is wished...
They were prepared to accept as being agreeable,
Or reject as upsetting.
Before such imposition happens,
To soar to heights that leaves a negative taste.

But wait!
There's more.

Some people honestly believe,
Their activities interpretated by some as being obnoxious...
Is a way they can prove,
Not only do they wish others accept their nonsense...
As a thinking process that is correct,
But also is the best from them anyone can get.
Even if others are left annoyed beyond reason and/or explanation,
That affords them an opportunity to express the presence of doubt.

'Why aren't you accepting MY beliefs? '

~Maybe it is because I am comfortable with my own.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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