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If Beauty Was
DC (08/24/1980 / CLAIBORNE COUNTY)

If Beauty Was


If beauty was a mystery
then you would be the clue.
Because I've never seen anyone
as beautiful as you.
You are a very rare rose
with a very devine aroma.
The perfume from your body
brings me out the depths of my coma.
Your presence is like a strong elxir
that leaves intoxicated to the highest point of intoxication.
The escalation of this situation needs to under evaluation.
Because this element of emotions
no scientist can explain.
If beauty was a law
then yours would reign.
Your smile eliminates my pain
and leaves me in a complete dazzle state.
If good things with time
then you're worth the wait.
If beauty was a song
then you would be the lyrics
I'd have a front row seat
just dying to hear it.
If beauty was
then you'd be all it's possibilities and so much more.
Your beautification isn't just physical
it's to your core.

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You expressed the concept of beauty very well! The only suggestion I have is that you look over the poem because it has a few spelling errors.