If Being Mad Is Really Mandatory...

Poem By Prabhakar Srivastava

Laughing and laughing for no cause
Moving and moving but no pause
Just treating same whether gold or hay
Being mad o world! Isn't child's play

Just abusing anyone without any fear
And pelting stones needs plenty dare
Before murderous mob standing like lion
In the feast of beasts just daring to join

Playing with a serpent and enjoying its hiss
Lonely or in crowd just enjoying a rare bliss
Knowing not the gist of any branch of science
Just wailing or laughing from one's conscience

O stupid scholars of this strange sphere!
Scorn not, spit not, o please! Don't jeer
For they are better than your cruel world
A mad as a terrorist can never be heard

Yes, they seem to be senseless indeed
Like you they sow not but poisonous seed
They don't kill for name, belief or God
Like you they claim not a mind so broad

The hole in ozone and depleting rivers
The atomic chase and starving brothers
Raped sobs with humanity almost dead
Nothing has been caused here by any mad

O world! All are mad here in various ways
Innumerable wishes while having four days
Name and fame, girl and pearl, all are but fake
Still losing those days but only for their sake

O Almighty! If being mad is really mandatory
Make me like him who ever dwells in glee
Never hurting any creature at least with sense
Treating all friends and foes with equal balance

What though if one forgets his very name?
Where to reach and from where one came
For all genius too here in the plight but same
Still being oblivious, just playing world's game

O innocent madness! Can't you enter everyone?
To live joyfully without hatred under the same sun
Just moving on this planet without wearing any mask
Just smiling and laughing without having selfish task

Comments about If Being Mad Is Really Mandatory...

O innocent madness! Can't you enter everyone? To live joyfully without hatred under the same sun Very beautiful lines. Very good.

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