If Chihauhaus Were Not Chihauhaus

If chihauhaus were not chihauhaus,
They'd be just called little dogs...
That's what I've been told.

'Itchy wahwahs?
What's an itchy wahwah? '

IF 'Chihauhaus'!


Thank you.
That's all I wanted to know.
Some people confused them with Cairns.
But it's those Cockapoos that get me confused.
Don't you think they look like Cairns?

Has anyone ever said to you,
You have minor issues? '

Not anymore.
I got rid of those birds a long time ago.
I'm into Chihuahuas now.
And to think...
I had been into 'Tabbies'.

'What are 'Tabbies'?

Those are cats.

'Oh! '

Where are you going?

'After this conversation with you,
I have a need to get into a fifth of liquor.
Any kind.'

I hear you.
I use to drink,
But I found myself doing that alone.
Too many times.

'You're kidding? '

The more I did it,
People said they were misunderstanding...
My thought process.
Do you have a pet?

Not yet.
But you have certainly opened my eyes.
Trust me.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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