If Given The Attention

Many regard the hearing of truth,
As offensive.
And those who tell it...
To be evil.

And in some environments,
Those who can not handle the speaking of it...
Are afflicted with all kinds of ailments.
Their minds will not accept the truth.
And institutions to assist them,
From an assortment of psychological perceptions,

And those seeking to campaign against truth,
Often annoy others...
With every complaint imagine.
From not being understood...
To finding someone or 'something' in their neighborhood,
Not meeting the expectations.
If given the attention,
It is clear they are amongst those living in denial!

If given the attention,
Mouths are open...
With ears closed and nothing is heard,
Giving anything heard a time to listen!
Of course...
The 'word' is spoken in church,
For them to misinterpret.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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