If Given The Keys

If given the keys to unlock,
A flowing of bestowed opportunities...
Is not believed to be the responsibility kept,
By the ones handed those keys...
Who can not accept,
That the action done was precious?

And they lose the keys kept with no sense,
That reflects an appreciation...
But just an expression of a thoughtlessness?
Why bother to give someone like this,
Time to make excuses?
Or address their foolishness, period!

'Back this thing up,
And get me outta here! '

I thought you said,
You were going to leave them...
With another set of keys?

'Maybe you didn't 'get it'...
But that's what they were anticipating I would do.
And I had a change of priorities,
The moment I was given a look of impatience.

Let's go!
Enough time has been wasted here.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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