If God Looked Down

If God Looked Down...

Your souls,
your pain,
your sadness,
It will always be endlesss,

Your poverty,
your perveted minds,
your greed,
your hatred,
your anger,

wide awake nightmares,
blood shot fright mares,
your emotionless scare mares,
your in ability to feel and deal,
With right and wrong,
baffles me,

people starving,
people dying,
people killing,
people blindly following,

Brainwashed lost children,
to the currupt generations,
Destruction of millions,
brainwashing minds,
always taking sides,
the killing and thought out lies,

even after 5000 years it will still baffle my mind,
As one looks down upon humanity,
one can only wonder,



by Callum Kyle

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