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If Hands Could Talk

My hands are warm and weathered
strong, but expressive and gentle
they've touched lovingly
they've clung to tree branches
they've grasped steering wheels
skip poles
motorcycle handlebars
Snowmobile throttles
fishing poles
they've pampered
have burped and diapered and bathed babies
and puppy dogs
they've washed dishes
threaded needles
have pulled engines
installed gasgets
fixxed furnaces
spackled walls
stripped wires
painted rooms
have drawn sketches
have picked locks
have shaved
have sanded and sawed
have picked up fallen skiers
have administed first aid
have stuffed turkeys
and won turkey shoots
have pulled me out of harms way
have helped lift strangers
have pushed cars
wiped tears
pressed buttons
dialed phones
tuned pages in books and in the bible
have welcomed strangers
have developed film
have shot photos
have won at darts
have thrown horseshoes
have played pool
have thrown a few punchs over the years
have repaired computers
andwindows, doors, screens and locks
have mounted tires
and have spray painted
have made deals
have shot hocky pucks
laid tile and linoleum and bricks
cut trees
and signed signatures
have played the blues
have sunk stakes
have stoked fireplaces and stoves
have split wood
have shoved dirt and gravel and coal
have operated shifters and mechanisms
have caught and thrown baseballs, softballs
basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, super balls...to name a few
They've climbed ladders, roofs
shot BB Guns
have skipped stones,
played marbles
moved chess pieces
built furniture
have been broken
cut, drilled, gashed
and have been broken again
have played guitars
typed these poems and words
But what these hands long for...
is to feel the touch of yours
to hold you softly and firmly
to wipe your tears
to heal
to love
and to feel love

© James T. Adair

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