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If I...
JM (Feb.25,1992 / Some Army Hospital in Georgia)

If I...

Poem By Janelle Morehart

If I died would you leave me here?
Would you care?
Would you shed a tear?
If I cried would you be near
Patting my head saying 'there there'?
Would you ask what's wrong?
Would you take the time to help me in my wild cries?
If I killed would you stay on my side?
Protect me from those who want me to die?
Take me away from the flashing lights
To our own little paradise?
If I loved you would you love me too?
Would you kiss me in the morning and afternoon?
Tell me I looked beautiful in the bright sunlight?
If I hated you would you hate me too?
Tell me I'm hideous or say screw you?
Would you understand and try to change my mind?
Or would you give up on me and go back to mankind?
If I said this would you say that?
If I was her would you say yes?
If I was sick would you care for me then?
If I had killed myself would you hate me for my sin?
These things I wonder as I watch from afar
If I walked up to you and your popular group
And asked you out to a movie or two
Would you ignore me and laugh
Or face me like a man and tell me yes
I sigh so softly
Such a lovely revere
I wonder what would happen
If I became the one I want to be
I wonder if you'd love me

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Comments (4)

Excellent piece of writing. Lot of depth in the poem and wonderfully articulated. Its a perfect 10 from me Janelle. Dipy
such a beautiful piece and yet another poem worth remembering it was a pleasure to read, thank you Janelle, keep it up.
a well written piece, embellished with sensitive thoughts. good job, janelle. : -)
Nice piece of poetry, it is filled with anticipations of love for someone. Many can relate to it including me. Enjoyed it. worth 9 from me.