If I

Poem By nikki hays

If I were but the daisy and you the wind at my petals, then I would feel no pain
If I were not by your side day and night loving you, I would know not gain
And if I were not to feel your touch, in the darkest of dark nights
Then I would not that I should live, without being by your side

The rain that drenches gardens, and leaves grasses smelling sweet
The nights that I have longed for you, and worshipped at your feet
And dreams so never ending, that bring me home again to you
Remind me of how love will now, and always be renewed

To kiss your lips, and offer you my love for now and ever
Gives me a feeling of great hope, and brings me closer to heaven
Your skin like silk your velvet touch, your lips so warm on mine
I would give my life for you, until the end of time

To give to me one moment, or one sweet tender kiss
I know that time would never pass, without it being missed
To stare into your knowing eyes, and feel you next to me
For now and always darling, you and I, eternally

Hold me

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