If I Can Not Fight With Pen

If I can not fight with pen,
And motivate you to curtail your woes...
And wickedness,
Then by all means...
Proceed with your thieving ways.
If I can not convince...
Then the power of my pen,
Is meaningless!


'Are you serious?
We are hoodlums,
Lowlife common thieves.
What makes you believe,
We do not enjoy this?

What I will recommend,
Is that you step aside before we break your nose.
With a 'Wherefore art thou, knockout! '
You got that? '

I just thought I'd try something fresh.
You know...
A different approach?
To do as much as I can,
To aid the end of the cycle of crime.

'Oh yeah?
Well you came close to getting pistol whipped.
Now get out of the way...
With a good 'adieu' and safe passage.'

You sound like you know a little bit about Shakespeare?

I've got a Doctorate degree from Harvard.
And you've got a pen to try to convince me,
Times have change!
I know about that.
Now scat...
Unless you want to duel? '


'You with 'pen'?
And me with... gun and bul-lays.'


'Come on guys.
Who knew this would turn out to be comedy night.'

~Did you see the ruffled shirt,
And those knickers that guy was wearing?
I know I shouldn't have smoked that joint.~


'Come on.
Let's get out of here before the cops find us.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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