If I Condoned The Making For Them Impressions

I often wanted and wished,
To have a support of a lover.
Or someone I trusted,
Who expressed an interest...
To realize the doing of this,
Would provide the both of us...
With benefits to exchange.

But those who seek,
Relationships to compete...
Will time and again ask upon meeting,
What it is I have, where I live...
To then scrutinize my appearance,
As if to prioritize preferences they keep.

And unfortunately...
These are the people I know I would feel alone,
If I condoned the making for them impressions.

I seek a lover, a friend...
Not confinement to be rehabilitated,
To then be left and unappreciated.
Like many of them have done to others,
Before uncovering to realize...
A prize they could have had,
Has to be unwrapped prior to deciding...
What the worth is below an assumed surface.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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