If I Could

If I could sing
My song to you
would be so sweet
I'd crawl deep inside
and release wings
so my melody could fly
finding home in your ears
My words would wrap around
your heart in a hug
protecting and erasing your pain

If I could sketch
I'd draw a scene
that would bring
a smile to your eyes
Blending colors of hope
on a canvas made of love
My lines would shade in
a continuous story
bringing to life joy

If I could dance
My steps would soar the air
and the breeze around my face
would bring a calming I'd share
My arms would open wide
blocking any anguish
heading your way

If I could be a better friend
I'd gather all l've learned
and witnessed in life
wrapping them up with a bow
My gift would always be beside you
never letting you down
I'd make it right

I hope you know I would...

by Renee Lewis

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GOD! lovely that is astounding really brilliant i like the compassion in it and the sensational rythme in it its lyrical and beautiful it could be for a lover or a friend as u mentioned its fab!