If I Could

If I could live my life again
a lot of things I would change,
people I have known quite well
their meeting rearrange.
Some would be sooner
and some not at all.

Summer would ring out of joy,
sunshine with everyday;
everyone would smile
as happiness came their way.
No tears would fall
or sorrows stain the brow.

If I could change a lot of things,
I know not where I would start.
Only that I would rearrange my life
to some simpler act of toil
to make things easier
for everything and everyone.

by David Harris

Comments (3)

If we are not able to change the things that have been, can we then, see something of that change we speak of in the future to come, , Ummm.. All the best David Love duncan X
Beautiful words of kindness and the spirit of you in here David...Now, if you could, how about dealing with PH..seven fifty one pm. EST on WED THE fifteenth...First time able to get in since 9 pm last night. Had two neighbors who have two different internet carriers try, they couldn't even get page two of poems up/// I just don't have the patience to sit for 40 minutes waiting for a page to turn....haven't been able to get into email except for one last eve. that took about an hour to get in to read and respond...Had one of my Dr's office's try in the next town, no go there either....So I'm happy to at least be able to read this in case I'm shut out again. I see emails in my in box from among many JOJO and I hit on them and they won't come up. This is a calming poem and that is what I need at this moment...thanks...marci.xo
Oh but you have done all and more..you've given me sunshine on my rainy days......you've turned my frowns upside down....I don't think you need to change a thing....your heart is heard and it loudly sings: O) hugs from here JoAnn