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If I Could Be A Bird
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If I Could Be A Bird

Poem By Frank Roth

Abstract painting on the wall
Not much sense to them at all
My view of things is very plain
Don’t mind walking in the rain

I love trees and birds that sing
Flowers blooming in the spring
A crowning moment is for me
When I can see a mighty tree

Branches reaching for the sky
Sheltering birds that wander by
Wind in leaves makes mournful sound
Woodpecker on trunk will pound

If only I could be a bird
And sing the sweetest music heard
Into the tallest tree I’d fly
And there I’d stay as days pass by

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Comments (2)

I like your style........(I guess we write very similarly) Your poems are so natural and simple...not too much hidden meaning. I like that very much. I look forward to reading more of your work. Sincerely, Mary
I love trees too Frank, and have written a poem about called 'Trees'. I could spend hours looking at them in all their guises. Birds too! I thought this poem was lovely. Sincerely Ernestine